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Expert Australia Steel Chain ManufacturerCAN-AM CHAINS: Innovative Leader Among Australia Steel Chain Manufacturers

CAN-AM CHAINS is a major leader in the production of a wide variety of welded steel chains and components for industrial applications. Along with many different types of steel chains, this Australia chain manufacturer also produces sprockets, sleeve bearings and engineered plastics. Our primary clients are companies in the wastewater treatment and forestry industries.

With main headquarters in Surrey, BC, Canada, CAN-AM CHAINS has multiple branches in international locations, including the U.S., South America, Europe and Australia. Our facilities provide Australia steel chain products to many diverse companies, such as top-rated roller chains and drag chains. Our superior quality conveyor chains are in demand for such applications as log-decks and transfer decks as well as un-scramblers and many types of drive applications.

Our company focus and goal is to supply you with superior quality chains, attachments and related components for operating your business at top levels of performance. Our intent is to enable you to complete your company's projects and accomplish your objectives promptly and with high degrees of effectiveness and efficiency. It is important to us for your company to gain ultimate business success for maximum commercial profits and industry recognition.

For a Top-Rated Chain Manufacturer in Australia, Contact CAN-AM CHAINSQuality Welded Steel Products From a Top Chain Manufacturer in Australia

The many diverse types of welded steel chains, attachments and related components that CAN-AM experts design and produce in Australia are all of optimal quality. The wide selection of industrial products available from our inventories as a major chain manufacturer in Australia include the following:

  • Roller Chain
  • Drag Chain
  • Mill Chain
  • Malleable Chain
  • Conveyor Chain
  • Power Transmission Chain
  • Wastewater Treatment Chain
  • Sprockets and Bearings
  • Engineered Plastics

The wide range of welded steel chains and related components from CAN-AM CHAINS, leader among chain manufacturers in Australia, includes British Standard and American Standard products. Our roller chains, drag chains and conveyor chains are designed to withstand the stress of heavy shock loads. They can also handle abrupt starts and stops or complete reversals. Our expert designers and engineers also provide customized chains, which can be integrated for use with older machinery and products.

Superior Mill Chain and Roller Chain in AustraliaTop-Tier Australia Chain Manufacturer for All Your Needs

Our specialized team at CAN-AM CHAINS designs and produces customized chains and accessories to meet our clients' requirements as a respected leader among chain manufacturers in Australia. If your company needs durable, high-quality chains to handle lumber, plywood, OSB, pulp, paper or other materials in Australia, our experts will design and produce them. Our team is strongly focused on manufacturing steel chain products and related components that will help complete each job in an effective, efficient and timely manner.

Our excellent designers and engineers at CAN-AM CHAINS also produce custom sprockets and plastic accessories that are sturdy and reliable for long-term use. Our specialists manufacture optimal quality roller chain in Australia, drag chain, mill chain and numerous other welded steel chains to meet our customers' needs throughout Australia. Whether your business needs standard or custom-designed chains and related components, we will produce them to meet your specifications.

We are located in each of the following countries:

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