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CAN-AM CHAINS is a Superior Chain Manufacturer in CanadaCAN-AM CHAINS Leads the Canada Chain Manufacturers Industry

CAN-AM CHAINS has an outstanding reputation as a top-level manufacturer of a wide selection of welded steel chains and accessories. This major producer of high-quality industrial chains and related products is well known and respected for its diverse line of specialty chains and attachments, sleeve bearings, sprockets and engineered plastics.

These products are in constant demand in the forestry and wastewater treatment industries. Whether your company produces or transports pulp and paper, lumber, oriented strand board or engineered wood products, our CAM-AM team of experts will provide you with top-performance, rugged chains and more. Our welded steel products will ensure steady, reliable and optimal performance for long-term use.

If your business needs are for powerful chains for heavy-duty conveyor applications such as log-decks, transfer decks, un-scramblers and various types of drive applications, our experienced CAN-AM CHAIN manufacturer Canada specialists will provide you with ultimate quality products. Our inventories include British Standard and American Standard roller chains as well as top-rated roller chain in Canada. We also produce welded steel chain in Canada, drag chains, power transmission chains, mill chains, malleable chains and wastewater treatment chains. You can count on our many diverse chain products for ultimate quality performance and top-level productivity.

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CAN-AM CHAINS is a Respected Leader Among Canada Chain ManufacturersTop-Rated, Custom-Designed Steel Chain - Canada

Our top-rated designers and engineers are well-known for producing steel chains and related products that can handle the rugged, demanding requirements of use in the wastewater treatment and forestry industries. Our Canada drag chain, conveyor chain, roller chain and other steel chains in Canada can withstand heavy shock loads, fast starts or stops and even complete reversals. Our experts can supply you with a wide variety of contemporary standard chain sizes or customized designs for use with older model equipment.

CAN-AM CHAINS provides the following types of reliable welded steel chains and accessories:

  • Mill chain
  • Malleable chain
  • Drag chain
  • Roller chain
  • Conveyor chain
  • Power transmission chain
  • Wastewater treatment chain
  • Sprockets
  • Engineered plastics

Experts at CAN-AM CHAINS Produce a Wide Variety of Steel Chain Canada DesignsChoose the Leading Chain Manufacturer in Canada for Standard and Specialty Products

As well as manufacturing roller chain in Canada and standardized steel welded chain of all varieties, CAN-AM CHAINS also offers specialized chain designs. We also produce sprockets and plastic components with genuine strength and durability. Our company goal is to provide you and your business with optimal quality products specifically designed for operating your company and equipment with the highest degrees of effectiveness, efficiency and safety.</>

If your business operations require Canada drag chain or Canada steel chain designs of varied types and sizes that you cannot find on the market today, our engineers will custom-design and produce chains to meet your exact specifications and needs. Our experts as Canada chain producing specialists will create the ideal chains and related products to keep your company running at maximum levels of productivity for greater profits and success. No project or product order is ever too large or too small for our experienced team of CAN-AM Canada chain manufacturers to deliver with professional expertise for your ultimate business benefits.

Contact the CAN-AM CHAINS branch nearest to you for top-quality products like steel chain in Canada to greatly enhance your industrial company's operations today.


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