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For Optimal Quality Chile Roller Chain, Contact CAN-AM CHAINSOffering Optimal Quality Welded Steel Chain - Chile Products

CAN-AM CHAINS is an international manufacturer of an extensive range of welded steel standard and specialty chains, steel sprockets, bushing materials, bearings and engineered plastics for use in the forestry and waste water treatment areas of industry. Widely known and respected for top-level performance and consistent reliability, we are also noted for our high rates of productivity.

Primary CAN-AM CHAINS products include roller chains, drag chains, mill chains, malleable chains and power transmission chains. All of our chains products are designed and engineered to outlast heavy-duty shock loads as well as frequent stops and starts or reversals. As an industry leader as a chain manufacturer in Chile, CAN-AM CHAINS produces and delivers optimal quality products and services.

As Chile's top-rated industrial steel chain supplier, our company produces standardized product designs that enable you to easily integrate new parts or replace older, worn items. We also offer customized designs as needed. Regardless of whether your industry involves lumber, plywood, pulp and paper or oriented strand board (OSB), our chile roller chain and other related products are manufactured for ultimate strength, durability and job performance.

We are located in each of the following countries:

CAN-AM CHAINS Is a Top-Rated Chain Manufacturer in ChileRespected Chain Manufacturer in Chile for All Your Steel Chain Needs

As leading Chile chain manufacturers producing high-demand and specialty steel chains and related products, our company supplies the forestry and waste water treatment industries. Our most frequently purchased products include Chile roller chain and other products like the following: 

  • Mill Chain
  • Malleable Chain
  • Drag Chain
  • Power Transmission Chain
  • Waste Water Treatment Chain
  • Manganese Debarker
  • Engineered Plastics
  • Bearings
  • Sprockets
  • Wear Plates
  • Submerged Scraper Conveyor

CAN-AM CHAINS Experts Offer Superior Steel Chain ChileTop-Quality Chile Chain Manufacturers to Supply Your Industrial Chain Needs

From the company's main offices in Surrey, BC, Canada, our experienced staff works in conjunction with multiple global branch locations. We ensure prompt, reliable distribution of our products in all of our many locations, including Chile. Our CAN-AM experts in Chile offer Chile roller chain plus a wide range of product selections to meet our clients' needs.

As a leading chain manufacturer in Chile, CAN-AM CHAINS offers products that are in highest demand today, including the following items from our extensive standardized inventory and our custom-designed products:

Mill Chains - Our CAN-AM steel mill chains are composed of 12.5 percent manganese. They assume a high-level Brinell hardness that makes it possible for them to outlast the constant stress of transfer, in-feed and out-feed chain mechanics.

Drag Chains - We offer optimal quality welded steel drag chain Chile for long-term use in chip and sawdust conveyors and similar applications. Their specialised barrel design ensures complete rivet to barrel contact for excellent rivet wear and maximum impact strength.

Roller Chains - Our durable, top-rated CAN-AM roller chain products are in compliance with all industry standards. We manufacture both British Standard and American Standard steel chain Chile products. You can order single or multiple-strand designs and related components. These chains provide maximum strength and durability for rugged use.

By making CAN-AM CHAINS your supplier of outstanding industrial welded steel chains, you can ensure seamless, productive operations for your business. Our standard and custom-designed chain products such as our drag chain in Chile will enable you to use new and older equipment chains and component parts together for optimal quality results.

Contact the experts at CAN-AM CHAINS today for top-rated Chile roller chains and a wide variety of superior industrial chain designs by calling or emailing.


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