Can-Am Chains COVID-19 Policy and Procedures

Can-Am Engineered Plastics

CAN-AM CHAINS Engineered Plastics program offers a complete line of products, materials, and services for today's industrial applications.

Impact Plates

Shock Stop Impact Pads
Magna Plate

Other Products

Magna Patch
CIP-Extreme Load Materials
CIP-High Temperature Materials

Chain Beds

Sharp Top Roller Chain
High Speed Roller Chain

PolyLink Plus

Bondable UHMW

Plastic Chains

PC-78 Standard
PC-78 Camel Back
K1 and K2 Attachments
Rivet Tool

Channels / Inserts

TruTrak Channex
81X C3 / C4 Channel Inserts


Sprockets / Roller Lugs
Bearings / Sorter Parts
Conveyor Flytes / Carriage Wheels
Screw Auger Bearings
Chain Caps / Kiln Cart Bushings