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Can-Am Roller Steel Chains

Our chains are made in order to following standards:

  • DIN 8187 British Standard chains
  • DIN 8188 American Standard roller chains

CAN-AM roller chains are made to our own very high standards, using steels especially selected for fatigue strength and exceptional long life


provides the power to perform because it has been engineered to exceed the industry’s highest standards. delivers leading edge solutions with over 100 years of advanced engineering knowledge and experience.

Some of the features and benefits of Precision Roller Chain include the following:

  • Waisted Link Plates - The design of sizes 3/4" and larger reduces the bending stress in the link plate which increases the fatigue strength of the chain.
  • Solid Rollers - utilizes solid rollers on all precision roller chains. The solid rollers allow for smooth rotation on the bushing, minimizing the impact load as the chain engages the sprocket tooth.

  • Factory Preloading - precision roller chain is preloaded during assembly. Preloading the chain seats the chain components, which minimizes the initial elongation of the chain.


  • Heat Treatment - Rigorous process controls and state of the art heat treating furnaces assure consistent quality in all chain components; this results in optimum toughness and resistance to wear.
  • Pre-Lubrication - After final assembly the roller chains are hot dipped in a special lubricant. This process assures that all the load bearing surfaces are protected from metal to metal contact, improving the wear life of the chain.
  • Shot-Peened Parts - All precision chain rollers and link plates are shot-peened for greater fatigue strength.