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CAN-AM CHAINS as the exclusive distributor of Wear Guard UHMW.

Wear Guard is a trade name for a new line of custom engineered UHMW formulations that have two integral layers of polymer moulded together in two contrasting colors. The top layer is a cross linked UV stabilized formulation offering premium wear resistance against sliding abrasion. The bottom layer is a wear indicator that, when viewed from above will indicate that the sheet or strip has performed to a point where it needs replacement.

Wear Guard is intended to be used extensively in the wood products industry for chain wear plate, as well as chute and hopper liners, especially in dark or hard to see areas where performance of the liner needs monitoring.

In the diverse and highly engineered chain industry, Wear Guard is the first and only UHMW product that combines premium wear surfaces with identifiable wear indicators.

CAN-AM CHAINS and ULTRA POLY jointly developed the product to prevent unscheduled maintenance downtime caused by liner or wear plate failures due to undetected wear. By replacing wear plate and liner material on scheduled maintenance programs Wear Guard will help you achieve your Lowest Life Cycle Cost.

Wear Guard is available only from CAN-AM CHAINS.

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