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American Standard - Leaf Chain

Leaf chains are well-suited for any application requiring flexible, high-strength linkage for reciprocating motion or lifting at relatively low speed. For their low cost and long life, these chains are widely used for lift trucks, masts and other lifting as well as construction, mining machines and balance or counterweights of machine tools.

Construction and Lacing Combinations

Built of interlaced plates held together by riveted pins. The chain nomenclature indicates the lacing combinations.


AL Series (Light Duty)
Consisting of link plates of the same contour and thickness as the pin link plates of ANSI roller chains in the same pitch. Mainly used for relatively constant, low, medium load with less shock.

BL Series (Heavy Duty)
Consisting of link plates with the thickness of the next larger size of ANSI roller chain. Chiefly used for medium load with greater shock.


Product codes listed in this chart: AL422, AL444, AL466, AL522, AL544, AL566, AL622, AL644, AL666, AL822, AL844, AL866, AL1022, AL1044, AL1066, AL1222, AL1244, AL1266, AL1422, AL1444, AL1466, AL1622, AL1644, AL1666, BL422, BL423, BL434, BL444, BL446, BL466, BL522, BL523, BL534, BL544, BL546, BL566, BL622, BL623, BL634, BL644, BL646, BL666, BL822, BL823, BL834, BL844, BL846, BL866, BL1022, BL1023, BL1034, BL1044, BL1046, BL1066, BL1222, BL1223, BL1234, BL1244, BL1246, BL1266, BL1422, BL1423, BL1434, BL1444, BL1446, BL1466, BL1622, BL1623, BL1634, BL1644, BL1646, BL1666, BL2022, BL2023, BL2034, BL2044, BL2046, BL2066