Can-Am Chains COVID-19 Policy and Procedures

British Standard - Stainless Steel Chain

300 Series Stainless Chains are assembled entirely from 300 Series (austentic) components. They have excellent corrosion resistanse and very low magnetic permeability but cannot be expected to have same wear resistance of our heat treated stainless chains.

For industries that required it, 300 Series chain can be considered ”non-sparking”.



Product codes listed in this chart: 05B-1SS, 06B-1SS, 06B-2SS, 06B-3SS, 08B-1SS, 08B-2SS, 08B-3SS, 10B-1SS, 10B-2SS, 10B-3SS, 12B-1SS, 12B-2SS, 12B-3SS, 16B-1SS, 16B-2SS, 16B-3SS