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British Standard - Standard Series Chain

British Standard roller chains conform to the specifications of IS 2403-1975, ISO R606 ”B”, DIN 8187 and BS 228, and are supplied in single and multiple strands.



Product codes listed in this chart: 04B-1, 05B-1, 06B-1, 06B-2, 06B-3, 08B-1, 08B-2, 08B-3, D080, D081, 10B-1, 10B-2, 10B-3, 12B-1, 12B-2, 12B-3, 16B-1, 16B-2, 16B-3, 20B-1, 20B-2, 20B-3, 24B-1, 24B-2, 24B-3, 28B-1, 28B-2, 28B-3, 32B-1, 32B-2, 32B-3, 40B-1, 40B-2, 40B-3, 48B-1, 48B-2, 48B-3