Can-Am Chains COVID-19 Policy and Procedures

Installation Instructions: 81X c/w Attachment Every 16th Pitch

Install Metal Chains2400 ft. of 81X c/w flat bar attachment ev 16th pitch
Made up as follows 4 strands 600 ft each in 20 ft sections

We have shipped 4 pallets with a strand or 600 ft on each.

Lay out chain tagged #1- this will have the attachment on the 2 nd pitch from the block link end ( inner link) This block link is the start of the run, the end of the 600 ft will connect to this block link.
Chain tagged #2 block link on chain #2 goes into Conn link of #1 chain
Chain tagged #3 block link into conn link of#2
Chain tagged #4 same.
This is where the attachment spacing works out even with the number of pitches.
So far 80 feet of chain will be stranded. Therefore a #1tagged chain connects to a #4
This will repeat 7 times 7 x 80 = 560 ft
To finish the run of 600 ft add a #1 then a #2 This will equal 600 ft. there will be 7 pitches between start and finish were they make the loop to connect.

Do the same for the other 3 strands

If any tags fall off they can be identified by the placement of the attachments off the block link end of the chain
#1 – 2nd pitch
#2 -6 th pitch
#3 10th pitch
#4 14 th pitch

Any questions, please contact us. Ask for Jim or Geo.