Can-Am Chains COVID-19 Policy and Procedures

Through Heat Treating and Induction Hardening

Heat Treating of Welded Chains to Extend LifeHeat Treating of Welded Chains to Extend Life

Used individually or combined, the two methods of heat treating CAN-AM chain will increase life, and lower costs over the long haul.

    Through heat treated chain (to proper hardness) will improve impact strength two or three times.
    Heat treated sidebars will increase strength 20 to 30 percent in the sidebar.
  • WEAR
    In a non-abrasive environment heat treated chain will give up to 50 percent greater wear life. Reduction of elongation of side bar holes can be achieved by induction hardening the perimeter of the hole. In a non-abrasive environment, induction hardened chain will give several times greater wear life.

Note: Individual applications may vary wear life.
Induction hardening depth and R.C. range will vary to suit thickness of material, diameter of rivets, and particular applications.