Can-Am Chains COVID-19 Policy and Procedures

Installation Instructions: 81X c/w Roller Trimmer Lug EV 8th Pitch

Install Heavy Duty Chains770 ft of 81X c/w 3 ½” OD X 3” UHMW roller trimmer lugs ev 8th pitch made up as:

14 strands 248 pitches ea

Lay out chain tagged #1 – this will have attachment on the 2 nd pitch from block link end. The other end is were chain #2 will be connected with the conn link form chain #1
Chain #3 is 20 ft long because the attachment was on the last link so we connected them together.
Chain #4 is 13.91 ft long
This will make 248 pitches or 53.91 ft.

If the tags should come off here is how to identify the strands count from the block link – not the conn link
Chain #1 first attachment on 2 nd link
Chain #2 first attachment on 4 th pitch
Chain #3 first attachment on 6th pitch and is 20 ft long
Chain #4 first attachment on 2nd link

Thanks for using CAN-AM CHAINS.

Any questions regarding installation, please contact us.